Not On Auto-Pilot

I finally drifted off to sleep at 5:00 this morning… another sleepless night.  They seem to increase in frequency as I enter this new phase of life called menopause.

But I’m not as excitable over sleepless nights as I used to be.  Not being able to go to sleep in the past would drive me crazy…looking at the clock (as if I was going somewhere)…getting up to go to the bathroom… wondering if I should get up and do something…tossing and turning…waking up my hubby.

Now I just lie there, thinking, praying, sometimes getting up to write.  No big deal.

In my ponderings last night, it suddenly occurred to me how life is never on auto-pilot.  We don’t confess the Lord Jesus one time, and then expect Him to make our lives perfect as we drift in and out of fellowship with Him.  Let’s face it, sometimes we’re spiritually on fire, and other times we let distractions crowd the Lord a little into the background of our mind.

Or am I the only one who does that?

It’s easy to remember to reach out to the Lord in prayer when we realize our desperate need for him…for healing…for deliverance…in all kinds of needy times.  But what about when things are going well?  Do we remember to thank the Lord for all His blessings, and for His continued protection over us and our loved ones?  Do we continue to thank Him for meeting our daily needs and for our health?  Or do we tend to think we’re on auto-pilot…until something goes wrong, and then we remember our desperate need for Him?

Startling ponderings.  Lord, teach me to see my desperate need for you every minute of every day!


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