Living This Moment

Life wasn’t always easy for me as a kid, so I found ways to escape the pain and loneliness…like daydreaming.  Ah, the places I could go, the things I could do in my fantasies.  I could be a superhero like Superman, my favorite.  Plots would thicken as characters fell victim to villains, and I would rush in to save the day.  I weaved epic stories that continued day after day, and night after night before drifting off to sleep.

Trouble is, I carried that nasty habit of daydreaming into my adult life.  They call it fantasizing.  Josh Pais, actor and developer of Committed Impulse, recently shared at a conference how mental fantasies don’t serve us.  Our “If only’s,” past or future, are just a delusion.

If my mind is off in la-la land reliving my shoulda-coulda-woulda’s in the past, or my if-only/what-if’s in the future, then where does that leave me?  Certainly not in the present moment where life takes place.  Now is the only time I have.  Now is the only time I can take action.  Will it be a half-hearted mediocre action, because I’m allowing my mind to take me on a day trip to the imaginary past or future?  Or will it be a full-hearted action, with every fiber of my being fully engaged in the present moment?  Which type of action will make the most impact on the world around me?  Which type of action will be true to the pursuit of my passions, serving those I was meant to serve?

My mind wants to rule the roost and run the show, luring me off to false realities.  But I am not my mind.  I am so much more.  And I can choose to live this moment…this now…with all that I am.  And so can you.


4 Responses to “Living This Moment”

  1. Sue Duris Says:

    I enjoy your writing, Judy……you’re really good at it! I like what you said about “choosing” to live in the moment. All of life for the Christian and non-Christian is about choices. God tells believers what choices to make: “choose life”……in everything including our thinking. May we each help direct one another to HIM all the way up to that glorious anticipated DAY!
    Love you!

  2. Stacy Rodolph Says:


    I took a look – WOW…great job! I too have created that fantasy life – my alter ego. The truth has set me free to realize that I have all that I need, and taught me to cherish it more.

    Thanks for the inspiring words!

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