Critters Everywhere

This morning I opened the downstairs toilet seat lid and jumped back.  I nearly got the heebee geebies scared out of me by a little green treefrog sitting right on the toilet seat.

I tried to catch him, but he hopped off the seat to the counter.  I missed him again as he jumped to the floor.  He hopped his way out into the hallway with me pouncing after him.  I finally caught him in the dining room.  As I turned the front door handle he hopped out of my hand.

In ran the cat, and now I was on a rescue mission to save the frog from the kitty.  She would show no mercy if she caught him, playing with him till he could amuse her no longer with any movement at all.

He hopped up the wall, back down to the floor and I recaptured him in the kitchen.  I dropped him outside in the bushes.

A little later as I was doing the dishes I spied a little anul inside our kitchen window box.  He looked pretty skinny, so I figured he’d been there a while, trying to find a way out.  I couldn’t reach him and decided to leave him for my daughter to rescue.

I went to check the mail.  As soon as I opened the wooden mailbox door, out hopped another little green treefrog.  This one succeeded in scaring the heebee geebies out of me.

We live in a wooded area and have to share it with lots of little critters.  The worst are the palmetto bugs.  That’s a southern euphemism for giant, fat cockroach.  These monsters grow to two inches and beyond, with fat juicy bodies at least a half inch across.  The pest control guy tries to comfort us by saying they don’t breed in the house.  They just find their way in looking for water.

The male members of our family don’t think twice about smushing them underfoot.  Yuck.  After twenty-three years of palmetto bug encounters I still don’t have the heart or the guts to kill them.

So yesterday when one nearly gave me a heart attack when I lifted a cloth in the kitchen sink, I did what I usually do.  I grabbed a glass and turned it over on him.  I usually leave them like that, wherever I find them, until one of the men come home to smush them.

I proceeded to rinse out the sink with hot water, ignoring the bug.  But the hot water was getting under the glass and inside.  The palmetto bug climbed the glass to escape the hot water.  I was guilty of torture.  I actually felt bad for the little guy.

I got a little plate and slid it under the glass.  Lifting up the glass-encased cockroach on the plate I brought him outside and set him free.

I’m such a wus.  Don’t tell anybody.


3 Responses to “Critters Everywhere”

  1. Tony Says:

    LOL Judy! That sounds like our house (about the critters). It’s not so much the palmetto bugs, but everything else sounds about right. Great story.

    • judyransom Says:

      Thanks, Tony!

      • Miriam Says:

        Hi Buddy!!! Two weeks ago I found one of those critters in my bed with me. At first it freaked me out but after all was said and done and I now was wide awake I laughed so hard to myself tears were flowing. I said I thinkk I was supposed to kiss that critter and maybe instead of a frog in my bed I could of had A PRINCE????!!!!! Miss and always luv ya MIriam

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