Did I Find Her, Or Did She Find Me?

DogIt was cool and sunny this morning…perfect walking weather.

About three quarters of a mile from home I heard a growl.

Oh, Lord, I forgot to pray for a safe walk. There are lots of loose dogs where I live.  Sometimes I remember to carry something that could be used for protection, like a heavy flashlight.  But today I was empty handed.

I looked to my right toward the growl and saw a large brown dog running toward me.  Frantic thoughts raced through my mind.  Don’t make eye contact.  Ignore it.  Look for a large stick.

I did all three.  There was no large stick to be found.  The dog kept circling me.  Please go away!

It kept walking in front of me, behind me and beside me.  Its size was most intimidating.  It was a female, and looked quite overfed.  No collar.  Did someone abandon her?

After another quarter mile I determined she wasn’t a threat.  I turned around to walk home.  She turned around, too.  Oh no, she’s following me.

As she trotted down the center of the road beside me, a truck came up behind us and had to slow down till she got off the road.  The driver gave me a dirty look.  As if this is my dog!

A few minutes later the dog growled and charged an older woman sweeping her driveway.  The lady ran for cover, and the dog came back to continue following me.  Sorry, but it’s not my dog!

As we approached a busy road I had to cross, I wondered if she’d get hit.  As fate would have it, traffic parted for both of us to cross safely.

Half way down my driveway, I opened our shed and found a little camping pot.  I filled it with water from the hose across from the shed.  She lapped at the water with gusto, occasionally looking up at me with a Thank You smile.

I walked inside my front door and closed it.  Ten minutes later I opened the door a crack to find her big nose nudging its way in.  I shut the door.  An hour later, same scenario.

I had to get ready to go to a NaNoWriMo write-in.  As I drove away I hoped she’d tire and go home, wherever that was.

Five hours later I returned to find her sitting in the dark at my front door.  There was also a yellow lab wearing a collar in the front yard.

What the heck?

I pressed the garage opener and drove in.  I pressed it again to close the door quickly.  The light started flashing and the door refused to move.  The two large dogs were in our garage.

Whatever you do, don’t jump on my car and scratch it.

I walked from the garage to the kitchen.  I opened our front door, and called, “Come here!”  They ran to the front door.  I shut it and ran to press the button to close the garage door.  But they were too quick.  The light started flashing again and the two dogs were inside the garage.

“Steph, I need your help,” I told my daughter who was preparing supper in the kitchen.  “I’ll go to the front door and call them.  When they come, I need you to shut the garage door.”  It worked.  The front door and garage door were shut, and both dogs were outside.

“Did anyone feed these dogs?” I asked.  My husband and daughter shook their heads.  “Where did the yellow one come from?”

“I went for a walk to lure the dog away,” said my husband.  “When she was far enough ahead, I started walking backward, and then ran all the way home.  Somewhere along the line the yellow dog joined in the fun.”

We all had a good laugh.

A few hours later I opened the front door a crack.  The yellow lab with the collar was gone, but the brown lab was still there.  You have to admire such persistence.

I went out and pet her.  She leaned into me, as if trying to stay warm in the cool, night air.  She smiled with her eyes, tongue swaying to the side of her mouth.  She was getting to me.

“Steve,” I called to my husband after going back inside.  “Should we feed her?”

He smiled.  “I think so.”

We had some leftover beef stew.  I know you’re not supposed to feed a pet scraps, but that was all we had.  I scooped it into a bowl and took it outside.  She lapped it up, stopping every few seconds to look up at me with her Thank You smile.

She is not coming into this house.  I repeat, she is not coming into this house.

I couldn’t help thinking, Did I find her, or did she find me?  Do I have “wus” written all over my face?


One Response to “Did I Find Her, Or Did She Find Me?”

  1. Lori Latimer Says:

    So…update?? You won my heart with that story, BTW 🙂

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