Make Time To Dream

Do you remember all the dreams you had as a child?  Back then you had time to dream, and few limits on what was impossible.

What happened to all those dreams?  Have they been crowded out by the day-to-day grind of doing what you have to do?  Have a few setbacks allowed a little discouragement to cloud your dreams?

Don’t give up on yourself.  Where there’s life, there’s always hope.  You really can make your dreams a reality.

I believe that your life will bring forth what’s in your heart.  If you spend a lot of time in bitterness, thinking over past regrets, then you don’t have much positive “heart” material to bring forth good things in your life.  On the other hand, if you have an overall attitude of gratitude for all the good things you do have, you have a lot more potential for making positive things happen in your life.

Have you ever written down a goal or dream, tucked it away, and then found it months or years later, and realized it actually came to pass?  I have…many times.

Here’s my theory on why this happens.  Every day you have hundreds and thousands of thoughts flying through your brain cells.  You think, “Hey, that’s a good idea.”  Then you get distracted by what’s going on around you, and you can easily forget about that good idea.

But what if you happened to have a pen and paper handy?  And what if you wrote down that good idea…that goal…that dream?  I’d say you would highly increase the likelihood of that idea, goal or dream becoming reality.

There’s something about seizing one of those hundreds of fleeting thoughts, capturing it in a moment of time, and crystallizing it into words on paper…that makes things happen.  Once it was a thought, but now, by the act of writing, you’ve etched it into existence, permanence and reality.

You know you have good ideas, goals and dreams.  Why not write them down?  That will be your first step toward making them reality.  I believe that once you write them down, even your subconscious goes to work, bringing you closer and closer to what you have formulated into words on paper.

Ah, but when to write them down?  Maybe you can scribble one at a stop light…or in a line at the bank…or in a waiting room.  If you commit yourself to writing them down, you’ll find the time.

Ideally, you’d have a “dream weekend” planned, where you—and possibly your significant other—could get away from all distractions and just focus on writing down your ideas, goals and dreams.  Not a bad idea!

If you won’t schedule a “dream weekend” for yourself, then you can at least make an appointment with yourself to block out a morning, afternoon or evening, or even just one hour to dream.

Isn’t that something?  Dreaming came so easily and naturally as a child.  Now as adults we have to schedule it in.  But that’s OK.  Value your time to dream and set goals.  You’re worth that much, aren’t you?  There are some real gems at work in your heart, and you need to allow yourself the time to put them down on paper.

If you need a little prompting, here are some categories you can write at the top of each page, and then fill in as you give yourself the time and opportunity to do so.  I’ve included some examples with each category.  You’ll be amazed at what will come out as you put pen to paper.  Fleeting thoughts…crystallized into words…now on their way to becoming reality.

Don’t allow yourself to be limited by obstacles.  Ignore them.  Write like you’re a twelve-year-old with no inhibitions.


  • Spiritual (Read the Bible; devote more time to prayer; read more spiritual books)
  • Physical (losing fat; building muscle; participating in a community run; quit smoking; drink less)
  • Emotional (pursue deeper friendships/relationships; plan a relaxing vacation)
  • Intellectual (read a book each week or month; enroll in college classes; learn a language)
  • Psychological (get honest about my fear or fears and overcoming them; read one self-help book each month; seek counseling)
  • Material (get a certain car; buy my dream home; update my wardrobe)
  • Professional (steps to get a promotion; build a great team; meet a sales goal)
  • Financial (pay off credit card debt; start a college fund for my children; open a retirement fund; earn a certain annual income)
  • Creative (write a book; learn a musical instrument; take a photography class)
  • Adventure (go on a European tour; go on a Nile River cruise; go on an African safari; hike the Appalachian Trail)
  • Legacy (raise my children to be launched into mature adulthood; volunteer at my favorite charity; get more involved in a community project)
  • Character (practice patience with others; do what I say I will do; be on time; be trusted for my integrity)

You can do this.  Go ahead…schedule it in.  Your dreams are waiting for you to give them life…to write them down.

Your dreams are in your heart for a reason.  You were put here to fulfill them…to serve the people you were meant to serve.  No one else can do what you were put here to do.  Go for it!


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