Web Cam Tells All

I was getting ready to call my brother in California today on Skype, and went into Options in the program, to make sure my sound and camera settings were right.  The video settings allow you to see yourself…and the room you’re in. 

I guess we all have some kind of threshold for chaos.  Some people have absolutely no tolerance for disorder, while others have no concept of disorder.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  Today my web cam revealed that I had reached…and perhaps gone a little beyond…my threshold for chaos. 

Oh, my.  I’ve got some organizing to do. 

Organization has an evil cousin, called Procrastination.  This evil cousin is like the little cartoon devil standing on your shoulder, whispering in your ear:

No, you don’t have time to clean up that mess today.  Wait till you have more time.  After all, you can still find everything, right? 

When I listen to that little guy, my husband makes fun of me, calling my desk “an archeological dig.”  Oddly enough, I can still find everything.  When my brother from Arizona was visiting a few months ago, I brought him into my office to show him something on my computer.  He didn’t hear a word I was saying.  After an awkward silence…that’s about 15 seconds max for those of us from New York…my brother said, “I don’t know how you get anything done with your desk like that.” 

“Like what?” 

“That,” he said, pointing to my archeological dig.  He obviously has no tolerance for disorder.  And to think that we’re from the same gene pool!  

Sometimes that little Procrastination devil is yelling so loud in one ear that I can’t hear the little angel, Organization, in the other.  She’s so quiet, and speaks so patiently: 

You know very well that it will only take about 20 minutes to clean up that mess.  It’s never a major project to clean it up.  The major project is always wrestling with my evil cousin.  He taunts you for days…weeks…when all you need to do is set aside 20 minutes now to clean it up. 

I think she’s teamed up with my web cam and Skype to urge me to action. 

Now I’m looking at an organized desk and office…and my brother in California isn’t home.  Oh well, if only my brother in Arizona could see me now.  He needs to get Skype.


4 Responses to “Web Cam Tells All”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Hey Judy,

    I’m really jealous. That’s the highest compliment I can give! I so admire your industry! I love your blog! Hooray to you! Keep writing! I remember you singing—but I didn’t realize that you could WRITE too!

  2. Tony Says:

    LOL Judy! It would seriously take only 20 minutes to clean your desk? I don’t know, that evil procrastination guy has you wrapped around his claw 🙂 Maybe you’ll find your brother under the “dig”. 15 seconds of quiet from a New Yorker, now that’s funny. Loved the post. Keep’em coming.

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