If A Little Is Good…

Spring is in the air!  The indoor captivity of winter sloughs off as we embrace the warmth and sunshine of the great outdoors.  And I begin to wonder…am I the only one who lives by the mantra, “If a little is good, then a lot is better?”

For years I’ve been gathering up the courage to start a vegetable garden.  Watching the Food, Inc. documentary this winter pushed me over the edge. 

That does it, I’ve got to do my part.  I’m planting a garden!

Just throw down some good soil, plant some seeds or seedlings, and you’re good to go, right?  No, not me.  There’s no way I’m going to get down on my hands and rickety old knees…not even for a welcoming yield of garden-fresh veggies.  No, I’ve got to have a raised garden…and not just 8 or 10 inches, either.  I want one at least 3 feet tall, so I can stand as I work in my garden!

I found a pile of hundreds of bricks on the side of the house, which had been buried in soil and roots for years before we bought the house.  Always up for a good workout, I made it my mission to move all those bricks to the only patch of sunlight in our yard…out front by the driveway.  I ached, I moaned, I swore I’d make that massage appointment.  Slowly but surely, I amassed a neat pile of clean bricks next to my garden site.  No time for a massage, though.  I’ve got to get this garden built and planted!

Long story short, the guy who was going to lay the bricks was too busy with other work.  So he came out and set up some cinderblocks, but no mortar…no time.  The dirt people told me it wouldn’t hold, so I pleaded my cause with the cinderblock guy.  He came back and laid the blocks with mortar.

I ordered the compost and soil, and hubby and me spent an entire day shoveling and filling the raised garden.  Woo-hoo!  Ready to plant the little veggies!

Now, I usually don’t do things haphazardly.  I found a cool vegetable garden planning tool online, with a 30-day free trial, at growveg.com.  I meticulously planned my garden layout, with all the delicacies I wanted to plant.  I printed it up, in full color, no less.

Steve and I were shoveling in the last morsels of soil when we heard our neighbor’s voice booming from next door, “What are you up to?”  He came over and surveyed our highly-raised garden plot.

“Want some heirloom tomatoes?” he asked.

“What’s that?”

“They’re not hybrids, and they’ll reproduce from seed.”


In the wink of an eye, he was rolling a wagon full of tomato plants into our yard.

“What on earth do you do with all these tomato plants?” I asked.  I later realized he was already doing it…just giving them away.

Before I knew it, our neighbor was planting heirloom tomato varieties, lots of different peppers, and lettuce in our newly-soil-filled, highly-raised garden.  My beautiful, full-color garden plan went out the window.  But that was OK.  Hybrids will do, but reproducible veggies rock!

Thank you, neighbor!

The raised garden plot was filled with little veggie plants, but I still had more seedlings I had purchased from the local hardware store.

I need another raised garden!

Without a plan or layout, and without a mission, I went out to the front yard today.  I needed to work out, and I wanted it to be productive.  I started laying down those bricks…in front of the raised cinderblock garden…within the parameters of the only decent patch of sunlight in our yard.

Before I knew it, I had another raised garden.  Now it needs to be filled with compost and soil, the veggie seedlings I bought, and something I forgot…good old Vidalia onions!

I ponder afterwards…I don’t do anything the easy way, do I?  But that’s OK.  Life tends to weave its own way, as long as we just manage to go with the flow.

I know that I can plant and water, fertilize when necessary, and do all the other gardening things.  But when all is said and done, I believe only the good Lord can give the increase. 

So now I’ve got a prayer garden…or two.  Lord, please give the increase.

And if all these tomato and pepper plants produce luscious veggies, I’ll have enough to give away.  If a little is good…then a lot is better!


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