A Time To Pray

People are angry, disgusted, worried…expressing the entire gamut of emotions over the Deep Horizon oil spill…and rightly so.  It’s a disaster in so many ways, seriously threatening the environment and people’s livelihoods.

Regardless of who is to blame, I think we need to pull together and pray…for the scientists, engineers, and workers tackling this mess…for divine wisdom and inspiration for solutions, and for their safety.

I put together a visual aid, to tape up on the wall(s), reminding me to pray regarding this situation.  I thought I’d post it here, for anyone who would like to do the same.

Now is the time to set aside angry accusations and feelings of hopelessness.  Now is the time to walk humbly before our God…and pray.

pdf:  Oil Spill Prayer Visual

2 Responses to “A Time To Pray”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Thanks Judy for the great visual aid. My visit to Louisiana shores in mid May I listened with families who relay on their living either fishing the waters, working on the rigs, or tourism. Your very article is on their minds when they wake up and when they go to bed.

    Let’s not place blame – but pray for resolution and action!

    • judyransom Says:

      Yes, Stacy. I hope more and more people realize the urgent need for prayer. What Louisiana is experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg! Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience.

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