Never Give Up!

‘Tis the season for politics and campaigns.  As the phone rings off the hook with pleas for campaign dollars, I’m reminded of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s reelection campaign in 2002. 

The Governor was coming to our town…a momentous event!  But alas, it was on a weekday, while most of the kids were in school (except for the smart teachers who arranged to have their classes attend the downtown gala).  Not a problem for those of us who were home educators, though.  We came in full force, flooding the downtown park with school-age children and parents, eager to have their kids take place in this historical event.

Lunch was on the Governor, and we lined up for juicy hot dogs, chips, and soda.  Tons of local businesses were manning their tables, giving out promotional items.  The kids were thrilled with all the pens, light-up key chains, soft-drink coozies, rulers, Frisbees, etc. 

But I had one thing on my mind, and one thing only.  I was bound and determined to get a photo of my kids with the Governor.  The odds were against us.  Throngs crowded the dignitary, and the chances seemed slim for getting the prized photo. 

There I was, like a mother hen, clucking and squawking at my little chickadees to stay close as I scurried to keep up with the Governor’s moves throughout the crowd.  

“There he is, kids!  Go this way!” 

“No, now he’s going that way.  Run!” 

This went on for a good while.  The Governor was surrounded by the multitude.  It didn’t look good for my planned photo opp, but I wasn’t moved.  I had only one thing on my mind. 

How can we get to him? 

Attempt after failed attempt, I kept herding the kids, swaying with the Governor’s changing movements through the crowd.

All of a sudden, the perfect moment arrived.  The Governor’s bodyguards were trying to get him out of the park.  They and the Governor came face to face with none other than one crazed Mom with a flailing camera and three bewildered children. 

This is it!  It’s now or never! 

Time seemed to come to a screeching halt as the Governor and bodyguards found their path blocked by one determined woman and three cute kids. 

“Picture with the kids, Governor?” I asked with a smile. 

Kids?  How could he turn it down?  The bodyguards wore stern frowns, the crowd fell silent, and it was just between me and him…the Governor. 

“Sure,” he said. 

“OK, kids, stand with the Governor,” I said. 

They nervously scurried to his side, and the pressure was on.  The bodyguards scowled, the Governor smiled, and I had to take this prized, perfect picture. 

Like I said, the crowd fell silent.  Everyone was waiting on this lady-out-of-nowhere-who-had-the-gall-to-ask-the-Governor-for-a-picture-while-he-was-trying-to-leave. 

I pressed the shutter, but nothing happened. 

I was dumb-founded, as were the nervous bodyguards and waiting crowd.  The Governor himself broke the awkward silence. 

“You need to take off the lens cover,” he said. 

“D’oh!”  I thought in Homer Simpson style. 

Everyone amazingly waited in patient silence as I removed the lens cover.  

I aimed again, and quickly said, “One, two…three!” 

The shutter clicked, the crowd sighed with relief, and the bodyguards scurried the Governor to his waiting motor coach. 

Mission accomplished. 

Case in point… 

Once you determine your goal, never give up!


2 Responses to “Never Give Up!”

  1. June Haywood Says:

    bet you wouldn’t do that with Obama.

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