The Crazy Things We Remember

I energetically get up and walk from the kitchen to the study.  Once there, I stop in the middle of the room.

Why am I here?  What did I come here to get, or to do?

My mind is blank.  I walk back to the kitchen, and suddenly remember the book I wanted to get from the study. 

Can anyone relate?

I recently received an email from a childhood friend.  She mentioned a “Ringo Rango” song we used to sing incessantly on the neighbor’s swing set.  I hadn’t thought about that song in over forty years.  But suddenly there it was…the tune and words flooding my mind…        

Ringo, rango, jinga-jong jango

[Whistle] Hah!

And if I die I ain’t a gonna cry

‘Cause I got me a purty woman’s love

A dollar worth of beans, a new pair of jeans

A woman to cook and wash and sing…

I’ve been trying to get that song out of my head for two days now!  I even found it on YouTube and discovered our ten-year-old minds got the words all wrong.

I don’t even remember learning the song…it was simply there…imbedded in my long-term memory.  I just learned it was a Fess Parker hit from before I was born, so I figure someone in the neighborhood must have had the record.  Back then, we didn’t have many records in our neighborhood.  So we played the ones we did have…over and over and over again…until they were permanently engraved in our minds.

Why is it that we can precisely remember things from 40 years ago or so, and can’t remember why we’re standing blank-minded in the middle of a room?

Why am I here?  What am I supposed to be doing?

I’m sure there’s a perfectly sound scientific explanation, but I hesitate to find it.  It might mean that I’ll have to put forth some effort to change…to exercise my mind.

My tendency is to violently resist change, but I eventually realize that it really is for my own good.  Whether it involves doing jigsaw puzzles or memorizing scripture, I’ve got to do something to keep this brain of mine in shape!

What works for you?  I’d love to hear your comments!

18 Responses to “The Crazy Things We Remember”

  1. Crystal mosher Says:

    Hi–It’s FESS Parker–Not Jess Parker. Fess Parker was “Daniel Boone”. I remember because my sister was a big fan. That is a hoot. I love reading your stuff! Keep writing girlfriend!

  2. Pinkster Says:

    OMG! This song is one of my earliest memories. I played the 78 RPM colored vinyl record on my little phonograph over and over. It’s been over 50 yrs. What a walk down memory lane. Now I can finally fill in the words I either forgot or heard wrong initially.

  3. Ronnie Says:

    I have looked for Ringo Rango many times. My husband just sent me this link. I, too, played the colored vinyl record on my little phonograph over and over. We have even had Ringo Rango nights when we have gone camping! Thank you!

  4. jarpcb Says:

    You’re welcome, Ronnie! Sounds like some fun campouts!

  5. Dolores Rabe Says:

    hi All! ~ Yes, haha; I am 83 and have been singing that song for a few days ……and didn’t remember ALL the ords, so thanks! haha; I thought it was this: “Ringo, rango ; jing a long jango”? but you had something different , but Oh well; haha; Yes, good old Fess Parker! I sure do remember him, and many more! Thanks! Dolores

  6. Mike Says:

    apparently the song is “wringle wrangle” (not ringo rango)

  7. Victoria Midkiff Says:

    If you watched the Uncle Al Show , it was “Ringo Rango, Jing a Jong Jango.” During a regular segment of the show, Uncle Al accompanied himself on the accordion singing that song while some guy dressed as a cowboy came out and interacted with the kids. The Uncle Al Show aired locally in Cincinnati 1953-1985 and nationally for a year on ABC 1958-1959.

  8. Ron Knight Says:

    Hate to say it but there were two recordings of this and one was not by Fess Parker. The other kids recording was not Wringle Wrangle but Ringo Rango, and every time the gunshot sound effect went off, one of the other “cowboys” in the background chorus would call out “Stop that!”

  9. Lyn Gubser Says:

    It is wringle-wrangle, and the “crack!” is not the report of a gun, but the crack of a whip, followed by “haw!!”, an old muleskinner’s expression.

  10. Linda Glenn Says:

    This song has been in my head for for a couple of weeks, so glad it is ‘remembered’, thanks, exactly as I remembered it!

  11. Bill Chidichimo Says:

    I thought it was Ringle Wrangle….but hey, like you said, it’s been about 55 years since my folks had that song on a 45 RPM record. I remember the whip cracks….some weird sort of turn-on every time I hear them in the song. My brother wanted to be a cowboy; I wanted to be a Mousketeer….was nuts about Doreen; not Annette, but Doreen.

  12. David AZ Says:

    Hi Judy,
    In 2011, Notre Dame Psych department published their research regarding Threshold Memory Loss. Many studies have been done since then. Google: “Walking through doorways causes forgetting”, and relax, you are normal!

  13. William V Herd Says:

    I remember this song when I was 5 had it on a old 45 record played it till the needle broke. Then I put one of moms sewing needles on the old record player and played it till there was no record left. By the way it was 1955 or 63 years ago.

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