Mommy Overload

Many moons ago—when our oldest son was 11, our middle son was 8, and our daughter was 6—I committed a major Mommy blunder.  We had a full-size conversion van, and wherever we went, the kids always piled into their favorite seats.  The boys took the captain seats behind me, and my sweet little girl had the entire bench seat in the far back to herself. 

We had the usual hurried frenzy before departure. 

Get your shoes on, kids.  We need to go! 

I can’t find mine! 

Where were you last wearing them? 

I don’t know! 

Here’s some flip-flops.  Come on, we’re late! 

They’re purple.  Guys don’t wear purple flip-flops. 

No one will see you.  Just stay in the van! 

Finally we’re on the road, heading across town for my oldest son’s piano lesson.  We drop him off, and I sigh with relief.  We’re on time. 

“Make sure your seat belt is on, Sweetie!” I call to the back of the van. 

“Mom,” says my son. 


“She’s not back there.”

I screech to a halt.  I swirl around to behold an empty back seat.  Panic sets in. 

“My little girl!!!”  I scream. 

We’re thirty minutes from home, and I left my little girl! 

Think.  Think! 

I remember the phone number of some neighbors around the corner.  I pound the numbers into my cell phone. 


Michelle?  I can’t believe it, but I left the house without my little girl!  Can you go check on her and call me back?  Please?! 

She senses the urgency and panic in my voice. 

I’m on my way! 

She calls back in a few minutes.  Apparently Stephanie was standing on the front lawn when the van pulled away.  She stood there and cried, until an elderly couple walked by and asked her what was wrong.  They kindly told her to just go back into the house and watch T.V., which she did. 

I wonder if they were angels. 

Our daughter is all grown up now, and none the worse for that hairy experience so long ago.  Funny how we can have such a good laugh now over something that was so terrifying back then! 

How many Mommy blunders do our kids survive?  Not many whoppers like that one, I hope.

2 Responses to “Mommy Overload”

  1. Crystal mosher Says:

    It is a funny story! I think they WERE angels!

    • judyransom Says:

      Funny how we can laugh about such moments of terror…once they’re neatly tucked away in the past. Yes, they must’ve been angels, ’cause they didn’t call the cops. I can see the headlines now…”Woman Forgets Daughter – Leaves Her Bawling On The Front Lawn”

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