Road Trip

“Why did they still call Native Americans ‘Indians,’ after they realized they hadn’t landed in India?” 


We’re on a road trip from Florida to Pennsylvania, and I’ve abruptly intruded into my hubby’s thoughts by voicing one of mine—a very random one, at that. 

How do our brains come up with such rambling ponderings?  

Let’s see, we’re driving past wide open spaces, with a few fenced-in horses dotting the green countryside.  We’re listening to an audio book, written back in the ‘40’s. 

I wonder what these rolling pastures looked like back in the ‘40’s, without all the roads and buildings we have now.  What about earlier?  What did it look like when there were just Indians here, before the Europeans came?  

Indians?  Now, wait a second… 

I blurt out my query.  My husband stops the CD, for clarification. 

“The early settlers,” I go on.  “After they realized they hadn’t landed in India, why did they still call the natives ‘Indians’?” 

“Well, it was probably a while before they knew it wasn’t India.” 

“Yeah, but not centuries.  Why did they keep calling them Indians?” 

“Well, who would want to play cowboys and Native Americans?” 

We share a good belly-laugh. 

“Or,” I add, “sing ‘One little, two little, three little Native Americans…” 

More giggles and snorts.  It feels good.  Yes, a merry heart does good, like a medicine.


4 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Don Jones Says:

    funny post Thanks for the laugh

  2. Diane Cox Says:

    Very witty!

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