Blast Those Forwarded Emails

What is it about those forwarded emails that make us want to believe them?  Maybe it’s the mood we’re in, maybe we’re feeling vulnerable, or maybe we just want to kick some a**. 

I’ll admit, sometimes I’m tempted to click the “Forward” button.  The message sounds so compelling.  It’s got to be true, photos and all.  Yeah, right. 

I’ve learned to restrain myself…so if I’ve got the time, and I’m in the rare mood…I first check it out on a spam-snooper site.  One I trust is  Every time I do a search on their site about a message I’ve received, I can get the low-down.  Truth or fiction, or a mix of both. 

If I find out it’s true, I might forward it to a few friends I think might be interested.  But I send it Bcc—Blind Copy.  What’s Blind Copy?  It means you don’t blast all your friends’ email addresses across the cyberspace universe and back. 

Here’s how it’s done.  If you really feel you MUST forward that email, first check it out to see if it’s true.  Like I said, you can go to,, or the spam watchdog of your choice. 

If it’s true, then go ahead and press the forward button, if you must.  But bear in mind that any responsible recipient of your message must take the time to check it out for its veracity before spreading the word.  Do you really want to make all your responsible friends and relatives take the time out of their day to verify whether or not your forwarded message is true?  

If you feel the message is important, and you don’t want them to waste their time, then include the URL’s of your documented resources which confirm it’s true.  (If you don’t know what a URL is, then please invest a little time in learning more about the Internet and email before you find yourself contributing to the spam and hoaxes dilemma.) 

Send the message TO yourself.  Then find the “Bcc” option in your email program.  It’s there…you just have to look for it.  Put the email addresses of those you feel compelled to forward the message to in that “Bcc” box (Blind Courtesy Copy). 

Before you click the Send button, do everyone a favor and DELETE all the email addresses in the body of the message, so you’re not disseminating personal information across cyberspace for years to come.  Really.  (If nothing else, learn how to use the Delete key on your keyboard.) 

So…do you really want to forward that email?  Do you want to take the time to find out whether or not it’s really true, or do you want to disgrace your name and integrity by spreading falsehoods, scams, spyware, viruses, and a host of other problems…to all of your friends and family? 

There is an easy solution.  It’s called the Delete key.  It’s on every keyboard.  When you see “Fwd:” in the Subject line of your incoming mail, it’s your choice.  You can read it, research it, and decide whom you will discreetly disseminate the information to. 

Or, you can save everybody a lot of time, and just hit the Delete key. 

It’s your call, and your name and integrity are riding on it.  Do you want everyone to immediately hit the Delete key whenever they see your name in their inbox?

It’s your call.  Make it a good one.



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