The Entrepreneurial Mind

My husband volunteered to do the Turkey Shoot for the Rotary Club’s annual barbeque fundraiser.  My son and I exchanged glances.  We knew we had our work cut out for us. 

The two of us worked feverishly today to get everything ready for tonight’s opening event – my son and me, that is.  As for my entrepreneurial-brained husband, he simply spoke the project into being. 

“I volunteered to do the Turkey Shoot, but I need some help.” 

Help shmelp!  Can my husband make signs and targets and plan the rules and layout of the shooting range?  Not a chance.  But this is what entrepreneurial geniuses do – they get an idea, and then find the people who can make it come together.  Enter wife and son. 

We arrived an hour early, taking in the mouth-watering aromas of smoking pork, beef, chicken, and fish.  The three-man band was already on stage, twanging out country music and poking fun at each other and everything else in between each song. 

We followed the entrepreneurial brain (my hubby) around, who was trying to find the right person who could tell him where to set up the Turkey Shoot range.  We found the site and meticulously measured and placed the targets, signs, nerf guns and ammo. 

The entrepreneurial brain wandered off. 

“Where’s Dad?” I asked my son, when people started showing an interest in shooting. 

“I have no idea.” 

“Well, let’s just let them practice until we have enough people to compete.” 

Some of the participants were obviously serious shooters, discovering how accurately they could handle a nerf gun.  The rest were kids, and some of them could barely cock the guns.  They kept us busy. 

My hubby reappeared, and my son and I decided to go and see what we could find to eat.  When we left the shooting range, our shooters were following the rules. 

  • Don’t step across the taped line.
  • Only shoot at the target.
  • Collect all your nerf bullets. 

The adults and kids were having fun … in an orderly way. 

After finding some amazing barbeque delights, my son and I returned to the range.  My hubby was smiling, facing us, with his back to the shooters.  Behind him raged a nerf gun war with soldiers of all ages.  Kids were shooting each other in the face at point blank range.  The targets we worked so hard on were being man-handled … or kid-handled, rather.  Kids were tripping over taped borders.  Bullets were being pocketed, or scattered to the four winds. 

“What’s going on?” I asked my husband. 

“They’re having a great time.” 

“Maybe so, but we’re losing ammo and the range is being destroyed.” 

“But they’re have a great time,” said the hubby. 

My son and I exchanged glances again.  Time for damage control.  I started packing up items and hauling them to the truck, while my son cleverly picked up nerf bullets. 

“Why don’t we just take down the targets?” I asked him. 

“They’re not shooting at the targets.  They’re shooting at each other.  We need to keep picking up bullets until they run out of ammunition.” 

Here’s how the entrepreneurial mind works:  My husband comes up with the idea, lets other people figure out the details to make it happen, while he wanders around, letting everyone have a great time.   

Call it ADD … I call it the genius of the entrepreneurial mind.


10 Responses to “The Entrepreneurial Mind”

  1. catamountcarpet Says:

    Ask for a raise. He obviously needs your follow through to make him look good. Had me laughing out loud. Thanks Don

  2. Diane Cox Says:

    Hilarious Judy! You are such a witty writer…and a great wife to your “Entrepreneur husband” too!

  3. slowdancejournal Says:

    I must work on developing my entrepreneurial brain. I’m always the one picking up the nerf bullets.

  4. Retta Edling Says:

    Ha, ha, ha! That means he volunteered you. He is a genius. Fun story.

  5. Pauline Says:

    So true! So funny! I married one of those e-brains as well! He thinks it and I put it into action. Steve says, “But they’re having a good time!” Wow! That’s Terry too! So funny!

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