Please, Santa, No Winter Coat For Me!

Our kitty cat has nicely adapted to the cooler weather.  Nature has provided her with a lush, heavy coat of kitty-cat fur.  It looks good on her, but I dread the prospect of the same happening to me! 

I go through the same thing every year.  I’ve got a great routine of working out regularly through the spring, summer, and fall.  But as the cold of winter approaches, I miss a few workouts, due to sickness, or fear of freezing my buns off.  

As I’m struggling to regulate a disrupted schedule, the calendar flips to that deal-breaker day, Thanksgiving.  Who’s idea was it to put that holiday at the end of November, after everyone has started hibernating indoors?  Worse yet, it’s right before a month of Christmas parties filled with irresistible delights I’ve been so good at staying away from all year long. 

It’s a recipe for disaster … more calories are coming in than those getting burned up.  It’s a cruel joke in which Mother Nature and the government holiday makers have conspired together to ruin us … with a thick winter coat. 

No, I will fight it this year!  I vow to take in less calories and burn more.  

So what do I want for Christmas, Santa?  The strength and resolve to resist delectable delights!  (Well, OK, I’ll just have a taste.  That won’t hurt, will it?)  I will not EAT.  I will only TASTE.  Yes, that’s what I want for Christmas. 

So keep the winter coat, Santa.  I’m going for a long, brisk walk!


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