Why Does The Print Keep Getting Smaller?

It’s that time of year again, when the task of hand-addressing Christmas cards becomes a poignant reminder it’s time for another eye checkup. 

It started with the new iPhone my hubby got me for our anniversary last month.  The apps are fantastic – if you can see them, that is.  I’ve been showing everyone the cool Star Walk app, waving it around at arm’s length to show them the constellations and planets in the sky at any given time. 

“Ooh, what’s that?” asks a friend. 

“Oh, that’s … wait a second.”  I draw the phone to my face, squint, and try to make the words bigger on the tiny screen.  “I have no idea.  But it’s pretty cool, eh?”

I find myself shopping around for a larger monitor, because for some reason, the words on mine have started getting blurry. 

I’m also cleaning my glasses a lot more often. 

But the clincher is writing all those addresses on the Christmas card envelopes.  If you’re on my list and your card is late, it’s only because it took the postal sorting machines and your friendly mail carrier a little while longer to figure out what the heck it says.  Sorry about that.  I promise I’m making an appointment to see the eye doctor.  Really … if I can only read the number in the phone book …


2 Responses to “Why Does The Print Keep Getting Smaller?”

  1. Adrian Says:

    I found that cataract surgery worked wonders. Not only did it restore the color blue to the world’s palette, it also made that danged small type hold still and look sharp. Amazing.

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