Becoming A Mommy Again

We finally acted on something which previously only existed in passing conversation. 

“We should get a dog.” 


End of conversation.  Well, the hubby saw a cute puppy the other day and found out it still had some siblings.  The rest is now family history in the making. 

Yesterday was her first full day with us, and I was concerned about her sleeping so much. 

“I thought puppies were supposed to be energetic,” I said. 

“She’s been separated from her Mom, Dad, and siblings,” said the hubby, “and she just got her first shot.” 

“Well, I hope she’s all right.” 

This morning she was pure puppy adrenaline – all pistons firing.  She wanted to run everywhere and chew everything in sight.  I couldn’t give her things to chew and play with fast enough. 

Gee, this is fun, but how am I going to get anything else done? 

I put her in her crate/play yard while I ate breakfast and cleaned up in the kitchen.  I never imagined so much noise could come out of one little puppy … all the pathetic whimpering, moaning, and groaning pleas of “Love me!  Love me!” 

I am loving you, puppy.  I’m keeping you safe while I take care of some things. 

She may never understand, but it’s for her own good.  I used to have “safe” areas for the kids while I got some work done, and believe it or not, having a puppy is a lot like having a kid … a big responsibility. 

Going for a "walk"

Until we go to puppy training in a couple weeks (I have to wait till she’s ten weeks), I’m glad to see there’s a lot of information on the Internet.  Most dog training emphasizes positive reinforcement instead of punishment.  I think the rolled-up newspaper approach makes the most sense.  Whenever the puppy chews up something or soils where she’s not supposed to, take the rolled-up newspaper, hit yourself over the head and repeat, “I forgot to watch the dog!  I forgot to watch the dog!” 

Puppy is all tired out and taking a nap, and it’s a pleasure to be able to type with two hands.  Lots of work to do, until she wakes up, and it’s time to play!


4 Responses to “Becoming A Mommy Again”

  1. My Other Zone Says:

    Ah, the memories! Of course, my father never let our dogs in the house – he grew up on a farm, and besides, my sis had allergies.

    The first dog I remember was Skipper – a Cocker Spaniel. He had is house, we had ours. We never had to worry about the “bad dog” bit, either, until he started invading the neighbor’s chicken domain. I never could figure out why Dad found a new home for Skipper on a farm! Don’t chickens live on farms?

    Our next dog …

    Mary Lois (because my name isn’t in my blog name!)

  2. slowdancejournal Says:

    In response to Mary Lois, about your “bad” dog going to a farm? I thought the farm story was the sinister version of Santa Claus. You know, a story made up for the kids to cover what REALLY happened to dogs too bad to keep.

    But maybe Baptist ministers are not allowed to tell such tales…

    Judy, good luck with the new kid. Once a dog gets adjusted they are far easier than our real kids (and you don’t have to send them to college).

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