A New Swim Suit … For A Renaissance Woman

Today I decided to throw caution to the wind and do something I’ve been putting off for too long.  My swim suit was worn thin, its elastic stretched out, and it was beginning to be a little embarrassing.  No more beach walks in a saggy, baggy suit.

Time to do the dirty deed …  go to the store and try on swimsuits.

This can be a rather discouraging venture for a full-bodied Renaissance woman like me.  We were the rage for centuries.  Then Twiggy came along in the ‘60’s and transformed the Western woman’s self-image for the next half-century.  Nowadays everyone knows what anorexia is, and the once-glorious Renaissance women slink their way to the swim suit shops, expecting to be discouraged and disappointed time and time again.

I tugged at swim suits and hangers in the season-end sale section of the clothing store.  The something-x suits were unattractive, baggie, and virtually without support.

Who the heck designs these things?  Do they have a clue about what us Renaissance women need?

I sauntered over to the “regular” sizes, and discovered that most of the smaller suits had “slimming” features.

“Why do all the small sizes have slimming features, and the larger sizes don’t?” I asked aloud to anyone who would listen.

A lady employee working at a nearby clothing rack gave me a knowing, smiling nod.  She, too, was a Renaissance woman.

What the heck.  I grabbed a suit I liked, even though it was a couple sizes smaller than the x-something’s.

Renaissance women sometimes like to wear shorts over their suits, and I moved to those racks.  Same scenario.  Baggy, ugly shorts for the full-bodied women, and “slimming” shorts for the voluptuous-impaired.  I grabbed a couple of the non-ugly “slimming” kind.

I don’t have a problem with finding tops I like.  But skirts, pants, and shorts are a different story.  Either that zipper will go up or it won’t.  Either you’ll be elated or depressed.  End of story.

To my surprise, the “slimming” shorts fit rather well.  So well, in fact, that I was able to go down another size.  What’s more, the two-sizes-smaller “slimming” suit looked terrific.

I marched to the register with my prized finds, amazed to find myself a little encouraged.

As for the small “slimming” suits and the ugly, baggy x-sizes … fashion designers, beware.  If you don’t get in touch with the people you design clothing for and find out what they really need and want, you’ll be toast in no time.  (Hint, hint … just ask them what they want!  That’s what genuine marketing is all about.  Forget about “creating” a need.  Try fulfilling a need that’s already there!)



2 Responses to “A New Swim Suit … For A Renaissance Woman”

  1. slowdancejournal Says:

    You look terrific Judy! What’s so appealing about skin and bones???


  2. Diane Mouskourie Says:

    I agree with you on this one. Maybe they think if they design ugly x-size bathing suits us x-size women will give up swimming. Not a chance.

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