Searching For A Doctor …

When you’re a kid, you dread going to the doctor. What kid wants a shot or some nasty-tasting medicine?

In your 20’s, you feel invincible. When you get sick, you go to the doctor for a “quick fix,” so you can get back to doing whatever it is that you do … as soon as possible.

In your 30’s and 40’s, life starts catching up with you – all the ways in which you’ve neglected your health and have perhaps internalized stress and painful emotions come back to bite you. You go to the doctor for a quick fix, and find out she wants to put you on medication(s) … for life.

In your 50’s, you’re fed up with the “same old same old.” At least I am. I’m tired of being treated like a specimen, examined and scrutinized according to a one-size-fits-all set of specialized, compartmentalized standards.  I don’t want to be enslaved by medications and their side effects for the rest of my short life — if I take them. Unfortunately, most American medical schools are funded by pharmaceutical companies, and the source of funds always dictates what is taught in the schools.

I believe too much of American medicine treats the symptoms of diseases, rather than going to the causes and helping our bodies do what they were made to do — heal themselves.  However, it doesn’t serve the pharmaceutical companies well to heal people, who will no longer need their drugs.

As I am always solutions-driven, I finally found a doctor who treats the “whole person,” and doesn’t prescribe any prescription drugs, because they all have dangerous side effects.  He believes in “hands on” chiropractic, and I’m finally finding relief from pain, both physical and emotional. He also offers nutritional counseling and other means toward healing, including therapeutic massage.  He practices “functional medicine,” which only utilizes natural interventions to help the body heal itself.

I am finally finding relief from pain, and healing in so many ways … physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I don’t want to settle for “band-aid” pharmaceuticals which just treat the symptoms, and don’t address the cause. I encourage everyone to keep seeking genuine healing, until you find the solutions you desire and need. I wish you the best.


6 Responses to “Searching For A Doctor …”

  1. June Haywood Says:

    Can he recommend a doctor in Jacksonville?

  2. slowdancejournal Says:

    Joy is always the best medicine. About two years ago I returned to singing–something I became too busy for, for years and years. There is nothing like a little Motown or R&B to get everything working just right.

    Second best is walking fast and hard–not at a gym, but out in the world with its sun and shadow, quick conversations with neighbors and the possibility of butterflies (a good bet at this time of year). Guess I’m talking joy again. It is rarely prescribed because no one can make a nickel on it, but here is my prescription: Joy, on a daily basis. Nothing beats it.

    • judyransom Says:

      I agree, Adrian! A merry heart does good — like a medicine. It’s so important to take the time to do what you enjoy. I love walking on the beach and playing in the waves!

  3. digimichan Says:

    I totally agree! This happened with me when I was taking chemo. I’m so glad the doctor that I had always treated me as a person and not just like another patient ya know?

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