Sparks and Wonderment of Angels

Sometimes things go seemingly wrong, but when we catch a glimpse of what could have gone a lot worse – we become very thankful for the “seemingly wrong.”

Such was the case with a recent power outage in a couple rooms.

Dang, why is this happening now?

I called a trusted electrician who had done work for me before.

“Miss Judy,” he called in southern gentleman style, after a thorough investigation.  “Take a look at this.”

He jiggled the suspect outlet, and wild, two-inch blue-white flames shot out.

“Holy crap,” I said.  “That could have burned the whole house down!”

“I can’t believe this house hasn’t burned down already!” he said.

I pray for this house and our tenants every day. 

“There must have been an angel standing here!” I said.

Who knows?

As for me, I’m truly thankful for the “seemingly wrong” power outage, which prompted me to call a trusted electrician to fix the problem.

I can’t help thinking – when things go wrong, how often are they really a blessing in disguise?

How ‘bout you?  Any blessing-in-disguise experiences?

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