Please Forgive Me!

ImageSometimes we just have to eat humble pie.  I upset my son on the phone tonight, and needed to ask forgiveness.  I’m sure he’ll grant it, because he’s pretty cool about that.  I groveled in an email … the wisdom of which remains to be seen.  :-/  It went like this …

Hi, David

Please forgive me for demeaning you with my words.  I was in a bit of a quandary, and perhaps reverted to old habits.  The chicken stock I was making (from local free-range chicken heads, feet, hearts, kidneys, etc.) boiled over on the stove, baking onto the red, electric coils, creating a billow of smoke, which quickly spread throughout the house.  Two smoke alarms went off, and then the ADT fire alarm went off, shouting, “Fire! Fire!”  Then the ADT 800 number started ringing on my phone.  At that point, I had to stop trying to dig myself out of a hole with you (or taking my foot out of my mouth), and said, “Goodbye.”
I spoke with the ADT lady, assuring her there was no fire, and no, she didn’t need to call back in a while to make sure the smoke had cleared, and no, I wouldn’t need her to show me how to put the alarm on hold for 30 minutes while the smoke (which wasn’t there) cleared.
I hung up, quite impressed with ADT’s response, albeit unimpressed with the way I handled our conversation.  Will you forgive me?
Love you,

One Response to “Please Forgive Me!”

  1. Says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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