Choosing To Be Happy

old-wringer-washing-machineSometimes we have knowledge about something we believe to be true, but it fades into the background noise within our minds. The truth is there, somewhere in our mind, but it’s been shoved beneath all the busyness of today. It just sits there, seemingly not doing us any good. Then we have an epiphany. That old truth blasts its way to the forefront of our mind, with a far deeper understanding than we ever knew. It’s then that we really know it, deep down in our heart.

I recently had such an epiphany. I was just sitting, meditating, not thinking about anything in particular, when the words simply flashed across my mind, “I choose to be happy.” It was so profound, I spoke it out loud. I’ve learned that if your subconscious mind hears you speak something out loud, it believes your spoken word more than if you heard someone else say it, or if you read it silently in a book, or just thought it.

“I CHOOSE to be happy,” resonated in my heart. I suddenly thought about everything I have right now to be thankful for, and how that’s plenty to be happy about. It seemed so silly to think about all the worrisome thoughts I had been thinking about my future. The only living we can do is right now, so why on earth do our minds want to try to live in the distant future? Because we can’t live in the tomorrow, we become anxious about something that hasn’t even happened. We can work ourselves into a terrible state of depression if we keep worrying about the future—something we can do nothing about right now.

Funny thing is, when I choose to think about the things I’m currently blessed with, and let those thankful thoughts permeate my heart, I actually am doing something to shape my future. I’m sowing seeds of thankfulness and happiness for my future.

Think about it. If we’re anxious and worried throughout our days, how can any good come of it? “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Anxious thoughts only plant seeds for more anxiety in the future. If I’m thankful and happy now, I’m planting seeds for more thankfulness, happiness, and peace in the future.

So good-bye, worries, and hello, happiness! I can choose to be happy right now, and I’ll continue to remind myself of this out loud, “I choose to be happy!”

It may help to write down all the things we have to be thankful for, to serve as a reminder when our thoughts slip into the worry groove. Yes, there are actually pathways our thoughts flow through in the brain. It can be more challenging to form new pathways of thought, than to allow our thoughts to effortlessly travel the old path of least resistance. But as we continue to put forth the effort to form new thought pathways, the old ones become weak and atrophy. Having a thankful list we can continue to add to is a helpful aid in changing our thinking.

Heck, sometimes I’ll load my washer, add detergent and push the button, and think about my grandmother’s old wash tub and wringer. I’m suddenly so thankful for my washing machine!

We truly do have much to be thankful for right now, and that’s plenty to choose to be happy about!

2 Responses to “Choosing To Be Happy”

  1. slowdancejournal Says:

    What a good, true post Judy. And so good to hear your voice again. I still remember the fun of hanging out with you at St. George and your very loud breakfast drinks (something to be thankful for).

  2. Rebecca giffen Says:

    I have just read 2 of your updates and I just love your blog. I am going through some stuff right now and your advice has been most helpful.

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