Covered with the Fingerprints of God

I just received a Christmas letter that begs to be shared. So, with my friend’s permission, here is …


Covered with the Fingerprints of God

by Theresa Roby

God’s greatest blessings to you in the power-packed name of Jesus Christ! As I look back over the past year, I am filled with gratitude because I have been abundantly blessed. There have been some trials and some tough times but, all in all, it has been a great year. I am also thankful for my friends and family who have blessed me in many, many ways. Every person who receives this letter is special to me and brings a smile to my face. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

No two people bless me in the same way. God has put unique gifts, talents, strengths, and abilities in each person. God has gifted each and every person ever born with individual attributes that are completely different from any other person. We all share some characteristics with each other but, no two people have the same unique combination of God-given abilities. Our own particular history, ways of thinking, experiences all contribute to that uniqueness. Every person is different and beautifully put together.

We know that outwardly every person has characteristics that are exclusive only to them. Each individual has their own distinctive set of fingerprints, footprints and tongue prints. (Yes, tongue prints!) Identical twins have similar patterns but their prints are not entirely identical. Even in the shared womb these babies have different experiences which are shaping them physically and emotionally. If one’s hand is resting on the other’s leg, they are both experiencing something different.

The iris, the ring around the pupil of every human eye is absolutely unique, exhibiting a distinctive pattern. These complex, random iris patterns can provide positive identification of a person beyond a shadow of doubt with no two patterns repeating. We can be assured that every one of us is something special because God has given us these external proofs that each of us is absolutely one of a kind.

I believe our insides have been formed just as individually. I am sure we are as unique and distinctive on the insides as we are on the outsides of our bodies. We each have a heart and brain and those parts that help us function on a physical level but, what if each person’s physical heart is as unique and different as our finger prints? The doctors know a lot about how the heart functions in a general sense but they do not know the subtle (and not so subtle) differences of each individual person which is why, if they are wise, they consider the patient’s account of what they are feeling. This is also why healing is such an individualized thing. What works for one does not always work for another.

We know that every person’s DNA is different. The individual genetic blueprint that programs every cell of every person’s body is varied and diverse. Thousands and thousands of bits of information are encoded in every strand of DNA and none are exactly alike. DNA programs everything from hair and eye color to a predisposition for diabetes or cancer. Our height and the shape of our toes are decided by how those genetic codes have implanted in our bodies. This programming begins at the very moment of conception. Identical siblings which come from a single, fertilized human egg cell, have a lot of similar genetic markings. Even so, there are subtle differences which are not duplicated in each sibling. Brothers and sisters that are not identical share some common patterns but differ vastly in the combination of genes from child to child.

Psalm 139:4 – I WILL PRAISE THEE; FOR I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. The human body is a wonder of magnificence. It would take a lot more time and space than I have to write of just how marvelous this body is. God has put so much more into us than an amazing shell in which to house us. I am always astounded at people who say they don’t believe in God because even a cursory glance at how the body functions points to an intelligent and purposely designed creation.

God has given us the capacity to love Him and to love each other which cannot be explained as simple animal instincts. There is a complexity in human relationships that makes it seem almost impossible for any two people to ever be able to communicate or interact. These complicated interactions of hearts and lives are what make life worth living. God has designed us to be able to take care of each other by our unique abilities and giftings. Each person has something special to give to others that is unlike what anyone else has to offer.

In addition to our individual physical characteristics inside and out, God has filled each of us with a godly DNA. We have been endowed with unique gifts, talents, strengths, abilities and giftings by the creator of the universe. God has programmed each and every person that ever has lived or will live with a greatness, an ability to succeed, believer and non-believer alike. Not everyone will receive or embrace the gift of life offered freely to all. Some will reject it, deny it, abuse it or turn it to evil, but the free gift was given because of the great love our Father has towards us.

We were created in the image of an exceedingly wonderful and beautiful God. That makes us exceedingly wonderful and beautiful because it’s in our “genetic” code. He has made each of us an incredible masterpiece with tremendous worth. We’ve all heard stories of some forgotten work of art stowed in someone’s attic and then given to Goodwill to be sold in a heap for a few dollars. When examined closer, it is discovered to be a priceless masterpiece with many clamoring to own it or just see its magnificence.

YOU are a masterpiece! The Great Sculptor has crafted only one you. Don’t hold back your gifts but let your light shine. You do not have to be like anyone else. You only have to be what your Father has made you to be. You are good enough. You are of great worth to the Father and to me.

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to the greatest gift every given, the Lord Jesus Christ. All that was accomplished through his birth, life, death and resurrection have made you completely complete, lacking nothing. The full price has been paid for the masterpiece which is you. Sometimes we may not feel like we are worth much but, the full price was paid for us even when we were at our worst.

The treasure of you is wonderful in itself but, the treasure of you shining forth the Christ inside you is beyond comprehension. Remember the children’s song, “This little light of mine?” Maybe it’s time to let your heart sing that song again. Sing to a world that is hurting and dying. Sing to yourself. Sing to your magnificent creator. And let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

I sure do love you and I thank God for your life.


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