About Judy Ransom

Hello, and welcome to my blog!  Glad you stopped by!

My non-computer-savvy brother looked at my blog posts and asked, “Why do you feel compelled to write like this?”

Good question, and an excellent choice of wording … yes, compelled.  Someone once told me that an author writes to get published; a writer writes because he must.

I think we’re happiest when we’re doing what we were put here to do.  For some it may be singing a song, for others it may be overseeing the operations of a large corporation.  For me … you guessed it, writing.

I cherish my family and friends … I love to spend time and laugh with them.  I love cranking some blues, rock or anything with a great beat, and dancing no particular steps.  If you pass me on the street and spy me gyrating in my car, don’t worry … I’m just car-dancing.

My passions also include: biblical research, teaching and counseling; hiking; Zumba; laughing; public speaking; playing guitar and singing songs of praise; marketing, copywriting and editing; laughing; bringing order to chaos; simplifying complex methods into succinct, one-page instructions; finding creative solutions to business challenges; team building … and did I mention laughing?

Please feel free to click on Responses or Comments and leave your input.  I hope you’ll find something that will  bring a smile to your day, or will bring you into one of life’s precious moments to ponder.


10 Responses to “About Judy Ransom”

  1. Jennette Says:

    Love your blog this is awesome!!! Well we are getting settled here in Tennessee loving the little town and we have found a church that has home fellowship thru the week . They call it life groups and we are meeting some great people. Love ya miss your happy smile look forward seeing you in dogwood this spring. We are also praying for David. How is israel going for him?.

    Your Friend , Jennette

  2. brenda mccave Says:

    wow, judy, i love your blog. the thing i love most is seeing your heart and reaction to the things around you. you are truly an awsome lady. love you deeply, bren

  3. Mary Says:

    wow Judy you are a terrific writer and so candid, refreshing and real. Yes, we’re meant to hear things when He thinks we’re ready to hear them. Thank you! and God Bless!

  4. Margaret Tidmore Says:

    What a blessing it is to be friends with the Ransom family. The Lord brought us together through the New Horizons Mentor Program. I am not so sure they feel it is a blessing, because I call on them with their many talents often. They are a blessing to me personally, our school mentor program, and to our community. If we just had more Ransom families, the world would be a better place.

  5. digimichan Says:

    Love this blog :O To think I found it randomly~ I think I was meant to come here lol Makes me feel good. Your writing is really good =D

  6. Jennette Surbaugh Says:

    been reading your blof and its making me smile. I pray all is well. 🙂

  7. Jennette Surbaugh Says:

    Been reading your blog and its making me smile. I pray all is well.

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